Friday, February 24, 2012

Feel the rhythm. Be the melody.

Dear friends,

Since we have gone for several weeks without so much as measly little post, I wanted to provide the rather exciting explanation for the lack of practice sessions and posts to record them.

Without more ado, allow me to introduce Aria Ballroom! Visit the "About Us" and "Instructors" pages, and you will see what project Jeff has been working on for this past year to which we at times have vaguely referred. Those who have appreciated Jeff's photography page on this blog may be interested to know that all photos save one on this website were taken by Jeff.

Since the studio officially opens with an open house and dance party on March 3rd, the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy for Jeff, as a part owner of this enterprise, and for me, in a sense, by extension. From building the floor itself to designing print materials to writing web copy, we've had our hands deep in this thing and just haven't had the wherewithall to practice dance of late. Jeff has been much much more involved in this project than I have, given that he is part owner of the business, while I am really just a volunteer student/"partner-in-crime" who cares a lot about the success of the venture. Given all of this, I realize that the last time we danced together was at Starlight in San Francisco, and the next time will probably be at open house next Saturday. I can't wait!

I can now say that I've laid hardwood flooring, actually ridden a belt sander (because apparently my weight was just perfect to make it do its job properly), and conceived some of the design and copy pieces for web and print. This whole project has been the realization of a dream for many, not only for the owners, including Jeff and our coaches Simeon and Kora, but also for many students like me. We've wanted to have a place to dance regularly that really feels like home to us, and where that dance community that has become really a second family can congregate and do what we love best together. Aria Ballroom is going to be that place. Won't you come join us?

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