Friday, March 30, 2012

Frozen Yogurt and Nachos! And dancing, too, I guess...

Part: Follow
Dances: Most of them
Hovers: 2?

This is the dance party post for last week, which has to cover 3 parties! I missed the Thursday practice party since I was out of town at a wedding (which actually involved ballroom dancing!), but Friday was salsa. I didn't dance much at this one, and the party ended a bit earlier, though Jeff and I did get one salsa in. I had a good time trying to lead in the class prior. I'm not the best lead you ever saw, but I try to at least be confident about's one of the most important things for leads, I think.

Saturday night there was a great turnout. My younger sister came with me to check out the studio and test the waters with dancing, so we did the intro to tango class together, with me leading. Apparently my frame looked like a squiggle (according to Jeff), and I still had some kind of layout going on in my frame, but I thought I was doing okay. The ladies were going where I wanted and I was clear with my lead, so that's a start! Then came the dance party. Now that Jeff is connecting with more and more students and becoming established as a teacher and known for his skillz...he gets commandeered a lot more often and that means I get to dance with him less. It's to be expected though. In the end I think we danced a Viennese Waltz or two and a nightclub 2-step. My sister, as may be imagined, was a bit intimidated by the dancing because she really doesn't have any experience outside our living room at home when we used to mess around. She also didn't think she'd get asked to dance. Boy, was she wrong! I kept trying to get her to stop hiding in a corner and stand out where she'd be more likely to get asked onto the floor, but every time I came to get her, someone would be leading her out onto the floor. It was pretty funny. She may have danced more than I did! Afterwards a whole group of us went out for frozen yogurt, which is close to becoming a post ballroom party tradition at Aria now. It's just the best though, after dancing for three hours when you're hot, tired, and hungry.

Sunday night was West Coast swing. It was a pretty light turn out, but there were a number of students in the class, and I joined the class to learn a few more steps. I did get to dance a few dances though during the party itself. One thing that is tough for me with this dance is that the leads are so subtle; a tiny flick of the wrist can mean a lot more than I'm used to it meaning, and I'm not familiar enough with anything advanced to be able to just do it at a mere subtle suggestion. I like the feel of it though, especially the connection and the weight into the floor the looseness and tension at the same time. Jeff and I ended up dancing a nightclub 2-step too, since those are usually interspersed a bit with the West Coast swing. Afterwards, a group of four of us went out for happy hour and had some delicious nachos, which I kind of regretted the next day, but which were so good at the time.

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