Saturday, May 28, 2011

Death foxtrot, women, & bikinis!

Dances:  Waltz, Foxtrot
Part:  Lead

To christen this new blog of our crazy adventures in the dance world, I thought I'd start a few days back with the practice session that started it all.  It was Wednesday night, and normally Sarah and I don't practice on Wednesdays since she has choir practice (at most we'd get together and run a few rounds).  However this Wednesday we both had some extra time and decided to squeeze in an extra practice.  We met up at 24 Hour Fitness as usual and proceeded to stretch.

A little history here:  Due to a recent series of interesting and unfortunate events we had resorted to practicing at the gym.  To be honest, it has been amazing since day one.  The group exercise room measures 40'x60' of great hardwood floor and is empty in the evenings after the classes take place.  To make things even better, I had "managed" to gain access to the music system in there, so it's like having your very own private ballroom.  And since we were at the gym already, it made for great incentive and convenience to stay on top of working out to get/stay in shape.  I am able to keep my heart rate up from my weight lifting and go straight into practice.  Finally, the cherry on top of this already super awesome sundae, is the fact that it costs us nothing extra since we were paying for the gym membership to begin with.

Back to the story:
After stretching, Sarah and I danced a waltz to warm up and then proceeded to practice the foxtrot.  Our most recent lesson with Kora had focused mainly on the timing and flow of foxtrot (more on this in another post).  So there we were doing a PAINFULLY slow foxtrot (each step taking several seconds to complete), when all of a sudden the door to the room swung open and in walked two women.  Now I didn't really pay them that much attention until they started to strip off their clothes.  Eventually they ended up in fairly skimpy bikinis and proceeded to put on 3-4 inch heels.  After that, they began strutting around the short side of the room while practicing poses in front of the mirror.  I believe they were preparing for a bodybuilding competition of some kind.  Needless to say, that turned out to be one of the MOST distracting practices I've had to date.  I am proud to say however, that I did keep my cool and remained very productive throughout our session.  But I won't lie, it was a challenge and took good self control to do so.

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