Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fascination it was...

Many of you know, Sarah and I have only been dancing together for roughly two months.  In this short period of time we noticed almost immediately that our practices, lessons, and social dances were quite interesting.  Experiences ranging from gut-busting laughter, being called "yucky", and the occasional argument, to epic family dramas, lock picking, and just bizarre distractions.  After a recent practice session (one of our more interesting ones which will be posted up soon) we came up with the idea to start this blog to chronicle the daily dance experiences we have.  I think it'll be a great way to keep track of our practice while giving everyone else the chance to just laugh at us.  We'll try to be good at posting up every dance related session and stay on top of it.  You'll see two posts per time, one from my point of view and one from her's.  Enjoy!

A note about the blog title:  It was Fascination
Aside from being a classic song, "Fascination" is one of the corniest, overplayed, and most covered waltzes of all time.  The opening lyrics "It was fascination..." was chosen not only for it's dance reference as a standard waltz (because we're nerds like that), but also because dance really IS fascination in the past tense.  At first it's so intriguing, elegant, and graceful.  But a bit later down the road you realize just how crazy, difficult, demoralizing, spirit-crushing, soul-sucking, money-burning, ego-bashing, ball-busting, time-depleting, gas-guzzling, and heartbreaking it really is.  They say laws and sausages are two things you never want to see being made.  They really should add dance to that list.  Competitive dance at least.  That being said, we seem to be gluttons for punishment and take it with pride and dignity.  Well sometimes...

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