Saturday, July 16, 2011

City of Angels

Dance:  None
Part:  N/A
Workout:  Arms, back, chest, shoulders, and legs at the gym.
Current City:  Los Angeles, CA

I thought I'd post up an entry just to keep the balance in check on our blog.  Unfortunately Sarah and I haven't been able to practice this week.  I was coerced last minute to help my brother move to L.A. for school this upcoming fall.  As a result, I've been on the road, apartment hunting, and furniture gathering since Monday.  On the bright side, the weather down here is really nice.  Almost too nice.  The timing also couldn't have been better as Sarah needed the time off to pack for her upcoming move into a new apartment.  So all things considered, we've been really lucky with scheduling.  It's been tough keeping up a good workout schedule on this trip but so far I've managed.  Sarah and I hope to resume our normal practices next week.  Until then!

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