Friday, July 8, 2011

Only Thing Worse Than A Heel Turn Is Leading One

Dance:  Foxtrot
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Arms and back at the gym.
Number of MR2's Owned in GT5:  5

Practice today was rough.  Not because Sarah and I were at odds or that the material was difficulty, but rather I was paying dearly for my leg workout the previous day.  It's been a while since I've been that sore.  I guess I really got a good workout in yesterday.  On the bright side at least I know my legs are getting stronger.

Today we worked on the Reverse Wave in Foxtrot.  I think the shaping issue is working itself out.  I'm not flipping the order anymore.  As a result there are no awkward moments going into the Closed Impetus after the Wave.  Sarah did comment on the Closed Impetus feeling over shaped so I made an effort to level it out and everything seemed back in balance.

We also worked a bit on the heel turn that starts off the Reverse Wave.  I had to explain to Sarah just how difficult leading a heel turn is in comparison to doing one.  It's one of the things I hate leading most.  Mainly because it's extremely vague.  And every woman seems to have their own calibration settings on the step.  Push too hard and she topples backward, too light and she doesn't get back on her heels.  Not to mention rising early but not too early, rising just the right amount and not over or under that, and getting around her.  I've given Sarah specific instructions on NOT doing a heel turn if I don't actually lead her to do so.  Otherwise I'll never learn what is necessary to do it right.  Often times, women just fake it and force out a heel turn.  I don't see how there are any positive outcomes to that behavior.  It always feels weird and the man never learns.  He just thinks:  WOW!  I did it!  I rock!

Last but not least I worked a little on my left side lead in the Feather Step and my right side lead on the Three Step.  Sarah said whatever I changed made it feel better.  I honestly couldn't tell you what it was I did differently.  But if it's better, I'll take it!

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