Thursday, October 20, 2011

Learning to Fly

Part: Follow
Dances: Waltz, Tango, Viennese, Foxtrot, Quickstep
Hovers: 2

We had decided that this week we really need to focus on the quickstep as it seems to be lagging behind our other dances. Before we got to work on quickstep, and our tippsies, no less, we danced a round. Our rounds aren't even really full rounds, it's more like a dry run of each of our routines set to music; we don't dance to a whole song or necessarily competition length. We were both surprised by how out of shape we are in this regard...I had forgotten what a sprint a round like that basically is. Maybe we both forgot to breathe a little bit too, but we realized that we need to do this a lot more often. I used to be fine, but since my injury I haven't been pushing myself on the cardio workouts like I usually do. Our foxtrot in the round, for once, actually went quite smoothly. We've both been very conscious about our issue with gaping a lot because of swinging the hips back, and I noticed that our connection is much more consistent in that dance, and hence, everything feels more together and controlled.

I had noted that we need to work on tipsies, and left it up to Jeff to figure out what and how since he's the one who's always complaining about them. He says that it's really tough for him to get it up to speed. He has also said in the past that I rush him the majority of the time I doubt that speed is my problem. Mine is more one of following his timing than anything else. I think during this practice I did a better job of that. I made my focus less the timing (at least that's not what I thought about) and more on swinging my sides forward strongly to assist the rotation and not get left behind. We actually had a couple that felt really good, very strong and smooth. Others...not so much. There were a lot where we just flew apart afterwards because we got a bit out of control, but I think that at this point we can actually do's just a matter of making it consistent and doing it right every time. Of course, that's always the challenge, isn't it? But at least now we know we can do it. Working on this section reminded me of how Simeon always says there are certain things in quickstep that are definitely make it or break it...if you really go for it and you nail it, it works and looks great, and if you die. Pretty much! I think it must be kind of like learning to fly; sometimes that's how it feels.

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