Sunday, October 9, 2011

Natural Turn = Reverse Turn

Dances:  Nightclub 2-Step, Foxtrot
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Arms and back at the gym.

Today was fairly lethargic for both Sarah and I.  Not sure what it was but the workout took FOREVER to complete.  Maybe it was changing weather or we were just worn out in general, but it definitely wasn't one of our better days at weight lifting.  Practice however went pretty well.

I read our practice plan for the day today and it had us focusing on the Natural Turn in Foxtrot.  That seemed really strange to me since I didn't remember having any Natural Turns in our routine.  Quite honestly I didn't remember ever dancing a Natural Turn in Foxtrot (I'm sure I have before socially but I really don't remember).  What made everything more confusing was the fact that we were to focus on the heel turns in the Natural Turn.  But since Sarah is pretty book smart when it comes to the syllabus I just went along with it.  I began dancing Natural Turns and it was just awkward.  About 10 minutes in I figured out what she really meant.  It was the Reverse Turn.  That made soooo much more sense.

The Reverse Turn in Foxtrot is a pain in the ass.  Especially for the lead.  I've ranted about this before and I'm going to do it again.  Leading a heel turn for the lady SUCKS.  You pretty much need to be dead on.  Now I'm a fan of being dead on, especially since we're aiming to compete and that's kind of the point, but a tiny margin or error would be nice.  Especially on the social floor.  It's almost impossible.  I'm getting better at it, but still.  Everything from your rise to the velocity in which you attack the step has to be perfect.  Otherwise the follow will be forced to fabricate the heel turn on her own.  And we all know what happens when you let the follow fabricate things.  It's not pretty.  Not to mention it sets a precedent.  Today in particular I focused on my shape going into the Reverse Turn.  I have a tendency to over shape to the left.  I don't do it intentionally, so I need to be aware of it.  After making a few adjustments Sarah said it felt easier to accomplish.

Overall this was a pretty straight forward, average practice.  The practice plans are really working out well.  We haven't really spent much time working on our 20% project.  We'll need to kick that in gear again soon.

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