Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dump Truck Contra-checks

Part: Follow
Dances: Nightclub 2-step, Waltz, Tango
Hovers: 0

Last night was leg day for Jeff, and therefore not a round day for us. After the usual nightclub 2-step warm up, it was time for the focused dance: waltz. I say, it was time for, because Jeff was really really excited last night about his plans for upgrading his technology and whole computer and networking setup at home, and so naturally he wanted to give me the overview. What I find hilarious is that Jeff likes to accuse me of being a nerd and pull one of the best instances of pot calling kettle I can think of. I may nerd out a bit on dance related stuff, but this guy takes it to a whole new level on the technology side. I'm not about to complain though, as I think the success and edge in our partnership owes an awful lot to our unique fascinations with and skills in certain areas, Jeff in technology for one, and me in my recollection of and interest in the technical details and just general ballroom trivia (in a manner of speaking), for another...among other things. I'd say we do a pretty good job of taking our differences and various skills and putting them to work for the benefit of the partnership.

Anyways, the section in question was our piece with the left whisk into hesitation into contra-check. I think the contra-check is one of our worst figures. It's one of those ones that we never really worry about surviving and we can always do it, but we're pretty sure it looks awful. We should be rotating to achieve the shape more than dipping and breaking to make it happen. Jeff also has to worry about not pulling the "dump truck" look, as Simeon calls it. I need to be smoother with the figure overall, and not hit it too quickly so that I have nowhere left to stretch because I've hit my max too soon. Another issue I tend to have is that I cross my right leg too much across the line of my left, and then I end up teetering off balance because my base is not 100% stable. We danced through it a few times, and found that our turning lock into it is really not bad, so we just did the contra-check multiple times to try to work it out. I'm not sure if it improved a lot, but it got us thinking more about what we're trying to achieve and what we might have to do to make that happen. Jeff doesn't seem to enjoy twisting too much, so that part is not going to be fun for him.

Jeff gave me a choice of what to dance to end with, lead and follow. I picked tango, since we had worked on it the night before. That went fine, though Jeff kept the figures very simple, and eventually broke into the T-A-N-G-O of American social style. He also copied pieces of choreography from some of the leads I've danced with socially who have very set social routines, and after whom I've come to name certain amalgamations. With that, we ended practice for the night.

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