Thursday, November 10, 2011

Threshold Days & Leveling Up

Dances:  Nightclub 2-Step
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Legs at the gym.

Ok.  I overdid it today with the legs.  Overall this week has been an interesting one for both my workouts and dance.  For the workouts, I'm doing quite a bit more weight with less and less difficulty.  Dance has been going really well also.  It seems to me that there are specific days that define a new plateau.  I like to call them Threshold Days.  It's when on that day you realize how far you have come on the things you have been working on and how your goals have shifted due to the increased level of proficiency.  You feel like you've truly reached a new level.  The nerd in me can't resist the fact that I've leveled up and my stats have increased.  Plus 2 strength points, 5 morale points, 3 dance points, 1 magic point, etc.  For dance that day was yesterday.  Something clicked and I think we're on a new page with new challenges.  For working out it was today.  The leg workout tested my strength for sure, but for some reason I could just do it.

Practice today was a little strange.  We attempted to dance a round but after the first long side of the Waltz I was done.  My legs were so shaky from the workout, I knew I wouldn't make it through the rest of it.  Sarah had it on the schedule to dance Nightclub 2-Step.  That's it.  I found out it was because it was my birthday.  So we dug up a video and tried to learn a new figure.  It's pretty cool other than the fact that it involves Sarah turning and me switching hands in the middle of that turn.  Timing is everything there and I couldn't seem to get it right.  I kept ending up with the wrong hands.  Since the figure ends with a double head loop, having the wrong hands means it just won't work.  It was pretty funny trying it over and over again.  What made the whole experience even stranger was Sarah randomly stopping and blurting out "I think I'm high."  I almost fell over.  Too funny.  Apparently they had been painting at the church she sings at and the fumes had gotten to her.  It's kind of stupid to hold choir practice on a day they had been painting if you ask me, but awesome that Sarah got high sniffing paint.  I guess we now know her drug of choice.

Practice was pretty short because we had to get to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate various things.  I was surprised when I got there and realized it was a surprise party for ME.  I honestly had suspected something earlier during the day, but the day got hectic and I completely forgot about it.  Not only was it my birthday, but honestly there were many other things to celebrate.  A friend of ours who was in jeopardy of being deported due to a layoff earlier this year was expecting an offer and a longer project of ours had just hit a major milestone.  Best of all it all happened on my birthday.  :)  Thank you to all my wonderful friends for attending.  You guys are the best!  Also thanks to my wonderful partner for setting it up.  Level up baby!  (Just for you Rob!)

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