Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surprise Party

Part: Follow
Dances: Nightclub 2-step
Hovers: 0

Wednesday night was a bit out of the ordinary for us. Normally it's my choir night so we start practice a tad later, but otherwise things are mostly normal. For the practice plan, I had specified only a round and nightclub 2-step for our "20% project". Jeff didn't understand why I'd do such a thing, until I reminded him that tonight was his birthday, and I wanted to work on something I knew he'd enjoy. Well...he couldn't argue with that, so we went back to our demo videos and starting working on it. We actually attempted the round, but got as far as the first long side in the waltz and the Jeff's legs couldn't take it any more.

The figure we were working on had some awkward change of hands above my head while all four of our hands were up there and close together, and we kept ending up fumbling around up there with our hands and usually ending up with the wrong ones connected. It was pretty funny, actually, especially when Jeff got really frustrated with it and was determined to GET IT RIGHT!

The other challenge I had to deal with was that I felt kind of giddy and jittery; I had probably ingested a total of 4 espresso shots that day (it was a long one and I was tired), plus, I had just been singing in a church that was being painted and wood stained, and the fumes were definitely getting to my head. And then there was the third and perhaps most important thing, which was that I was privy (well, okay, more like chief orchestrator) to a surprise birthday party plot for Jeff that was set to go down right after practice. The best part was that in order to convince him to come out for dinner without suspecting a big birthday party in his honor on his actual birthday, our coaches and friends contrived a bit of a tall tale about cancelled lessons, a job offer that needed celebration, and other embellishments, and then capped it all by telling Jeff he needed to convince me to come out, since I'm usually too tired to go to these week night dinners and happy hours because of my early work schedule. So throughout practice, Jeff was getting on my case for being too tired and not wanting to go out for dinner, telling me it was not optional and that I had to come, when it was really his own party that he was dragging me too unbeknownst to him...that I had essentially planned (though it was really a group effort). It was too good. The only possible wrinkle was that he kept threatening to end practice early and head out to the restaurant...which would have spelled disaster for our plan, so I pulled my usual disappointed, "What? Already?" In the end, we got there after most of the guests had arrived, and Jeff was surprised, or at least enough to make it fun. He claims to have suspected something...but not due to any action of mine, at least.

A good night was had by all, and Jeff's birthday was celebrated with the requisite laughter, friends, food, presents, and general conviviality. Practice = Success.

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