Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fallaway Foot II

Part: Follow
Dances: Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep
Hovers: 1

Since I had the day off on Monday, we ended up working out and practicing a bit earlier in the day, which was a welcome change. The energy level for both of us seems to much higher around mid-day versus evening, which obviously makes sense. We just can't practice then on a regular basis since I happen to have a regular 8-5 full time job. Maybe one day...

Practice began with the typical warm up and round. This round was a shorter one, we didn't even get through the entire routines. We're getting used to the feel of a round now though, which is good.

The focus of this practice ended up being the waltz. I had taken a solo lesson with Simeon over the weekend to work on a few issues in my dancing, and one of the target areas was the fallaway-reverse-slip-pivot in waltz coming out of wing position. Interestingly enough, Simeon felt that in the place where Jeff had felt that I was overshooting him, I wasn't driving enough! But he did say that the reason it might have felt that way to Jeff was because of my timing; I wasn't getting back into the position I needed to be in fast enough, and so it might have felt like I was driving to much or too little, when really it had more to do with the body and frame position. At the end of the first two steps, we're supposed to be back in a perfect promenade position, and I wasn't getting back there in time, and sometimes my shoulders would make it but my hips wouldn't, so of course that feels really heavy on the lead's arm. Anyways, we went through it a few times, and I think I'm starting to get more of a feel for it. I have a feeling though that we're both a little guilty of some lack of CBM and rotations in the proper places that would make this combination really smooth.

One huge breakthrough was that I realized, based on the direction Jeff's foot is pointing (angled in, in relation to himself) when he goes into that second step of the fallaway, that my own foot can point a bit out, which makes driving farther on that step much easier for me. It's definitely not there yet, but at least now I have an idea of some things I can think about, and I have a clearer idea of what I've been doing wrong.

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