Monday, June 13, 2011


Dances:  Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Arms and back at the gym.
Wrong Number Calls Received Today:   1

Before I forget, I want to start by thanking everyone who has expressed an interest in our blog.  We've had over 1,100 hits in just 14 days.  I know that's not a huge viral number or anything, but it was definitely a lot more than we thought we were going to get.  So thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy our adventures.

Sarah and I started the week off strong.  Our arm and back workout was great.  We are both getting a lot stronger and the pacing of our workouts are improving.  There is one thing about our gym that bothers me.  For some reason (and I've been to many gyms in my life) there are A LOT of stinky patrons.  Now I understand working up a sweat and not smelling like roses, but the stink I'm talking about is well beyond the norm.  I don't understand it.  It's not that hard to prevent this problem.  It doesn't even take that much effort.  But apparently some people are just fine with it.  Odd.

Practice today was as good as our workout.  Patrick and Shaoshu kept us company this evening.  We started with a round, then proceeded with our metronomic exercises.  Sarah and I are going to start cutting back on these slow practices and start mixing in our regular material.  In fact, we think it's a good time to come up with some sort of routine for our practices and end up with a good variety of things to work on.  Don't worry, the metronomic exercises will still be a part of it.  When we figure it out, we'll let you guys in on it.  Practice ended today with tango.  We've been struggling with the back open promenade for a while now.  Something about the balance and the two checks we're supposed to accomplish just isn't working.  But near the end, we had a pretty good handle on it.  One thing worth mentioning is the first long side of our tango.  It's a pretty brutal combination, and today, we nailed it!  I'm going to say it's a fluke until we can consistently execute it, but that day will come.  Hopefully soon...

One last thing to mention.  Today during the last part of our waltz, we have a whisk in the far corner which we ALWAYS run out of room for.  I suppose it's a good thing that we're running out of room, but today I ran Sarah into the garbage (more or less on purpose) can and everything fell apart.  It then felt like a good time to just go crashing through the door that all the basketball players do so often.  I got some really confused looks from people on the court.  Sarah and I found it quite amusing.  Maybe one of these days, we'll both go crashing out there and see what happens.

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