Monday, June 6, 2011

Hovering like "The Inception Van"

Part: Follow
Dances: Waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, cha-cha, bolero (sort of)
Hovers: 3!

Today my post must be short, as I am extraordinarily tired and just physically exhausted, plus have to get up a bit early tomorrow. So the run down...

The workout today was pretty good; I got my 30 minutes in on the cross trainer and got super hot. The gym was not air conditioned well enough for me today since it was about 70 something outside. Then I joined Jeff for the arms and back weight training, and actually am starting to break the 1/2 rule. Yes! I do keep checking out my arms trepidatiously in the mirror though to make sure I'm not getting big, and Jeff continues to be exasperated by the fact that I care. I'm a standard girl though, and I want to look graceful and balletic, not muscular and athletic, even if I actually am pretty strong.

Practice went well today, we really worked hard on the metronome business and introduced it to our waltz routine. The waltz and the metronome hit it off a bit better than the foxtrot and met did at first, but it could be because we are getting more controlled and just better with the whole exercise. One funny part was the hover, because it is so long and drawn out at 40 metronome clicks per minute (at a full 6 counts), that Jeff likened it to the falling van in "Inception"; essentially slow motion falling and floating. Going along with the "Inception" theme, I really think this slow metronome practice is going to be the kick that takes our dancing to the next level. Jeff commented and I agree that our dancing felt so much more controlled and together when we went dancing on Sunday, and we're attributing a lot of that to this exercise. Go us!

We ended with a round, and we took advantage of some wonderful new music Jeff managed to acquire over the weekend, including a waltz version of the "Forest Gump" theme, which I particularly like.

Praying that I am not dead tomorrow, as this was a good start to the week.

P.S. Spell checker says "trepidatiously" is not a word. Boo that! I'm still going to use it since it makes perfect sense.

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  1. You can be muscular and athletic while still being graceful and balletic. Just look at all the female Smooth Pros.