Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Mom, Sarah

Dances:  Quickstep, Foxtrot, Waltz
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Legs at the gym.
Steaks Consumed Today: 1

Once again it's Wednesday, and strangely enough we had practice today.  Sarah's choir practice was cancelled so she decided to join me for my leg workout before hand.  We really got a good solid workout in today.  Unfortunately this meant that practice was pretty much shot.  Both of us had jelly legs the entire time.  On the bright side, that means we did our job when lifting weights.

Today we decided to focus on tiny parts of our quickstep and a little bit of the SUPER SLOW foxtrot.  I can't say it went too well since it was hard to get powerful drives and maintain balance with jelly legs.  But at least we got some practice in.  Shaoshu was there tonight to keep us company, dancing latin with his phantom partner.  She followed him exceptionally well.

On another note, I'm finding out more and more how much of a mom Sarah is.  There is a certain quality and inflection in the tone of her voice when she makes suggestions to me that is totally motherly and caregiver-like.  Exactly as if she is talking to a immature teenage child.  Kind of a dry, sarcarstic and authoritative texture.  I can't really blame her for this since I usually act like a teenager.  Just interesting to me how naturally that tone comes to her.  It leaves me feeling like I'd better take her seriously or I'll find myself in time out, or grounded.  At least she hasn't full-named me yet.

After practice we found ourselves at Safeway.  Sarah took great amusement in my quest to find steak and Velveeta.  Now for all you readers making the "ewwwww....gross" face right now, I am fully aware of the plastic qualities of Velveet cheese.  However every once in a while I think it's appropriate to crave some really bad food.  In this case, nacho cheese sauce made with salsa and melted Velveeta.  Luckily, the only size Safeway carried was waaaay to large so I left without it.  I did however leave with a GIANT pack of steak.  Also found our Sarah doesn't have a Safeway card.  Totally bizzare!  Who doesn't have a Safeway card?!?!?!

Finally, for Sarah's benefit (since she was laughing at me the whole time at Safeway), here is a snapshot of my dinner tonight:


  1. Haha. The "oldest child" bit comes out a lot in Sarah ... something which, as a youngest child most of my life, I happen to like.

    Oh, and I agree with her about the Velveeta. I used to like it because I love cheese and creaminess, but when I found out how to make a creamy cheese sauce myself (just a plain white sauce with a ton of cheese melted in) I realized I could never go back. Velveeta does not compare, despite its scientifically-engineered creaminess.