Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sunday Rhythmic Ceremonial Ritual

Dances:  Almost everything.
Part:  Lead
Bra Straps Undone:  Zero  :(

Sundays are pretty good for me.  They always start out with a massage.  One of my best friends Taiki used to be a massage therapist and being the great friend he is, he does a full body work up on me every Sunday.  I can't say that it's ever a pleasant experience though.  Working so hard during the week really tears my body up and getting it worked on is always painful.  Today I almost jumped off the table when Taiki went to work on my left quad.  That being said, after he's done I feel great.  Even Sarah notices how much looser I feel.  Honestly, I don't think I would've made it this far without his help.  I'd either be too broken or not nearly as effective.  After the massage Linda (Taiki's wonderful wife) always feeds us and we all hang out (today we watched Back to the Future).  Given our busy lives, setting aside Sunday mornings and afternoons for the massage is great.  It forces us to take a step back from everything to just relax, get caught up, and generally be friends.  I can't really complain about the life I lead.  I'm extremely fortunate.

While I still remember, I forgot to write about my amazing, magical frame on Friday!!  During practice that day I had just gotten into frame with Sarah and taken only a few steps when I felt something swishing back and forth across my right hand (which of course was on her back).  A few steps later I realized it was a strap, and a few steps after that I realized it was the strap to her bra.  Gentlemen, I've done it!  The magical frame that snaps off bra straps!!  I can quit dancing now and feel like I've accomplished something.  Now if only I could just use this new found power for good and not evil.  All joking aside, we had a pretty good laugh about it.  Somehow, the shoulder strap had come undone, but I'm still sticking to my magical frame story.

Back to today.  The dance at Washington Dance Club was fun.  Sarah and I danced really well.  Lots of power and balance and it felt like we moved together.  Sarah also followed really well tonight.  I had to get creative and mix things up a bit and she followed.  I think all this is due largely to the fact that we took Saturday off.  Sometimes it's easy to forget just how important rest really is.  So we've come up with a new strategy for Sunday dances.  We're going to just relax, take it easy, and just dance.  Previously we were dancing almost full out 100%.  Now while it's good to simulate a competition environment and strain yourself with the crazy floor crafting, it's also exhausting.  Couple that with the other non-Standard dances you do with other people (such as the Cowboy Cha-Cha), and that means on Monday, you're dead already.  All that good massage has gone to waste and I'm starting my week sore and tired.  So from now on, I'm just going to take it easy on Sunday.

After the dance it was off to The Cheesecake Factory with Danielle, Patrick, Gretchen, Lucy, and Sarah.  Sunday dinners with the gang is always tons of fun.  Tonight included conversations such as Patrick paying people to touch him, Danielle yelling at me over text message and insisting she wasn't, and the poor waitress who had the worst timing ever.  Yeah, we're an eclectic and AWESOME group.  Come join us!

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