Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday Night Dance and Fashion Show!

Dances:  Foxtrot, Waltz
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Arms and back at the gym.
Songs Added Today:  521

We started out the week well today.  Everything (from a physical and mental perspective) seemed fresh and ready to go.  As usual, we started with the weight lifting.  Today was arms and back.  Sarah kept looking at her arms to make sure she's not becoming the Hulk.  I have to keep reassuring her that it would take FOREVER for that to happen.  On the other hand I'm definitely seeing definition start to come through across my entire body.  Glad to know all the work is having an effect.

After the workout, we kicked off practice with the new SUPER SLOW metronomic waltz exercise!!  It went surprisingly well.  Not sure if we're just more comfortable with the waltz or maybe the slow work with the foxtrot is just carrying over.  One thing is certain though:  When you dance waltz at 40bpm (1.5 seconds per step) you know right away the spots you're falling over on.  For us it's the third step in any weave like figure.  We always just cheat and fall onto it waaaaay too early.  You also give your legs one hell of a workout.

Even though I haven't run our metronomic exercise idea through either Kora or Simeon, I doubt this is the first time anyone has done it.  I also think it's going to be incredibly beneficial and will separate us from the pack when we do finally compete.  I can't begin to tell you how much patience it takes to practice like this.  As we begin week three of this ordeal, I'm proud of Sarah and I for not only sticking with it and seeing improvements, but also for not getting into any fights over it (or anything yet for that matter).  Other couples keep telling us that eventually we'll fight, but somehow I doubt it.  Doesn't seem in our nature to do so.  I guess we'll see.

Practice ended with Patrick (who basically practices whenever we do now) giving us a fashion show of all the new clothes he bought.  He needed an outside voice to sign off on the purchases.  For the most part I think he did well.  That reminds me, I'll need to start going clothes shopping again as my body changes in the next few months from all the dancing and working out.  *sigh*

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