Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How many stars?

Part: Follow
Dances: Waltz
Hovers: 3

Since we've been dancing a round and a warm up dance (often Night Club 2-step) almost every practice lately, I'm going to start leaving those dances out of my tally. Tonight, however, our practice consisted of little else than the round. We worked on the closed impetus reverse pivot, and I'd say it's much smoother overall...and from what Jeff's told me it sounds as though he's been doing the same thing I've had to make myself do on so many figures: make my heels close on the heel turn no matter what. Sometimes you just have to force it for a while before it comes naturally. That doesn't sound good, but I think it's true with the heel turns. When you're used to cheating it feels so much better to cheat because it's easier; I know because I've done it and still do on occasion with my own heel turns.

Jeff was spiteful tonight; we'd practice that impetus section right up to the half reverse turn preceding the hover, and each time stop exactly before the hover. Of course, I knew he was doing it to get a rise out of me (no pun intended, and I made sure he didn't), and after every single one he chuckled sadistically exactly like a big brother does when he's teasing the little kids. He knows all too well that I like dancing the hover, so was milking that for what it was worth. We ended up with a couple of fair ones in the end though.

Since Jeff really wants to get his gargantuan music collection all rated one through five stars, he's decided that we're playing random music so that we can rate it for a while, and not dancing to the "good stuff" for some time. Now every time we dance to music it's like we're ordering Thai food. "What do you think, 4 stars?" Let's just say that some music is less than inspiring to dance to; we've definitely run across a considerable number of ones and twos, including our famous "Supermarket" quickstep and the "Little Shoemaker" quickstep.

I've been wanting to share this picture of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for some time, because when I saw it it reminded me of my overdone hovers. Fred looks totally cool with it though.

That was it for tonight's practice, other than our round. We were both tired from our various pursuits today; me mostly from the lack of sleep and Jeff from hauling appliances around, but tomorrow we're planning on a more regular practice.

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  1. It's those songs that you hate that gets to you in competition. There's already so much pressure on you that if you get a song that you dislike (or never heard of), that could halt any momentum you had going.