Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Dances:  Waltz, Tango, Nightclub 2-Step
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Arms and back at the gym.

Holidays are cool in the fact that we can practice early on in the day and the facility isn't busy.  I feel that as we continue this crazy journey, it's really a separate day from my real life.  So I work during the day on my projects, and then at night I have a completely separate day.  Over time, this can become exhausting so the change of pace every now and then is great.  Sarah and I took our time with the workout today and got a really good one in, after which we started practice.

Zumba girl was in the room today so music was off the table.  It always annoys me a bit when people don't even offer to share music.  I make the effort to make sure others feel like they are getting their chance when they are in the room but sadly this isn't reciprocated that often.  Since that was the case today I decided it'd be good to work on a little Nightclub 2-Step so Sarah and I watched a YouTube video and started to reverse engineer it.  I gotta say, our Nightclub 2-Step is getting better.  Aside from the new YouTube figures we've added to our repertoire, the lead and follow aspect is much smoother as well as the overall flow of the dance.  Sarah and I are seriously considering competing in the Nightclub 2-Step just freestyle and see how we do.

Other than the Nightclub 2-Step, Tango was our enemy today.  As usual the bar came into play as I continue the upward climb towards a completely level frame in this dance.  Although today the bar wasn't cooperating like it usually does.  It kept sliding around giving the appearance that my frame was tilted when in fact it was just sitting on two different parts of my arms.  Nevertheless, our Tango is definitely improving.  One other part we practiced today was the Overaway with Ending Pivots.  I haven't mentioned it before since we have so much else to worry about, but Sarah hasn't been pulling her weight here.  Quite literally.  But she asked me today and I told her.  Usually I have to power the two of us back around out of the Oversway.  That takes a tremendous amount of energy and probably looks quite labored.  Luckily Sarah has realized this and today we fixed it.  She is now operating under her own power and drive there.  MUCH lighter for me.

We ended on a Waltz like we normally do for the most part.  It continues to be our strongest dance.  Even the Hover is working out now.  Progress is good!

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