Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Lagging Quickstep

Dances:  Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Nightclub 2-Step
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Legs at the gym.

Today's practice focused mostly on Quickstep.  It had been a while since our last Quickstep blitz and we thought it'd be a good idea not neglect it again.  I feel like the main problem with our Quickstep is timing.  We're always either rushing into things of lagging behind.  Mostly lagging.  And lately it seems like it's getting even slower.  I brought this to Sarah's attention.  In particular the Six Quick Run.  How hard can it be to take six steps all at the same speed?  Apparently for us, really hard.  Sarah thought about it for a bit then adjusted something with her hip and it felt better.  But even then it still always feels like I'm dragging her through it.  That means that we're going into our Natural Turn a bit late which in turn affects the pivot I do that feeds into the dreaded Rumba Crosses.

The Rumba Crosses are hard enough, so the added stress of making up time going into them is a really bad thing.  Lucky for us, the Rumba Cross section was what we worked on next.  Sarah wanted to dance through them REALLY slow and stop at our lowest point to see how our shaping matched.  Unfortunately they did not match at all.  On the bright side, we were pretty well balanced.  At least now we know what's causing the really awkward feeling every time we dance that figure.  *sigh*  We need A LOT more work here.

We followed the Quickstep with both Waltz and Foxtrot.  Nothing out of the ordinary here.  Our Foxtrot seems to be slipping a bit, but it might just be the fact that we're quite a bit more critical of it now.  Finally, we worked on our 20% project.  It's nice to end with something fun that we're good at.  I think if we can get our Quickstep under control we should have a good fighting chance of kicking gold level competitions in the butt.

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