Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lesson Recount

Dances:  Tango, Waltz, Nightclub 2-Step
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Arms and back at the gym.

I gotta say, I've been getting some really solid workouts in recently.  Not only am I making good progress in terms of shape, size, and strength, but also in efficiency.  Hopefully when the time comes to get a tail suit I'll be ready for it.

Today's practice was really just a big review of everything we had covered in our lesson on Sunday.  Sarah and I spent a good deal of time in front of the mirror practicing everything from Contra Checks to just adjusting our frame.

In Waltz we did a lot of promenade work.  Just making sure I wasn't in some sort of weird position and that my frame stayed parallel to Sarah's.  I can feel some of the places where I always break frame but not all of them so I need to pay close attention to detail now.  Our Promenade Position has definitely gotten A LOT better than when we first started.  It does really require a certain level of flexibility in the upper body to achieve though.  So I shall continue to stretch daily and hopefully become more limber.

Tango was more of the same.  Promenade Position and also my new hand position on Sarah's back.  She says it's quite a bit more comfortable for her so that's a good thing.  We also practiced our Contra Checks.  Still a long ways to go there but at least it looks like a Contra Check now, instead of some crazy hesitation.  Moreover, Sarah and I are making sure we're both on our own balance in that check.  Otherwise it could spell disaster in many ways down the road.

Throughout the entire practice I was also keeping a vigil eye on my right elbow.  I have to make sure it doesn't droop.  It's a sneaky little bastard though.  I'm not too concerned with this problem since I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to it.  Should just fall right into place.  But we'll see.

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