Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forgetting the Foxtrot

Dances:  Quickstep, Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Arms and back at the gym.
Salmon Consumed Today:  1 whole salmon!

Another solid practice day.  I'm glad we back to our usual level of practice again.  I made it to the gym a little later that usual today since Sarah had some choir thing going on and wouldn't be meeting until 8:30.  The workout was quick and efficient.

It was back to the Quickstep grindstone tonight.  Again the metronome was clicking away mercilessly while Sarah and I struggled with keeping up and falling ahead of it.  Tonight especially, it felt like Sarah was constantly ahead of me.  I think this is due to a variety of things.  The partnership could be losing balance at such a slow speed.  Sarah could also be trying to keep time with the metronome.  Now I'm trying to keep time as well, but even if I'm a little off she should technically still follow my lead.  In short I guess she needs to ignore the metronome.  One other thing that is an issue is our energy levels in any particular dance or step.  Tonight her eagerness to do her part was very apparent.  Sometimes our energy levels don't sync up too well.  She's too spirited or lethargic and vice-versa.  This is where experience and knowing your dance partner well comes into play.  Only time will solve this issue.  But even through these somewhat frustrating times our no fighting partnership still perseveres.

The Tango got a little work with the bar today as well.  Just checking to make sure things are still straight.  For the most part they are.  I'm going to need to start applying the bar to the second half of the routine and make sure that part is level as well.  But both Sarah and I have noticed how much easier the Tango feels now.  Most dancers know this feeling can mean one of two things.  Either yes, you've nailed it, or no, you've tragically failed.  There's really little leeway in between.  It think we've nailed it though.  At least the bad habits are starting to crumble.  It'll be sometime before we can clear most of the rubble though.

We ended practice with the Foxtrot.  This was a bit of a disappointment.  I thought it'd be a good idea to dance it to Tick Tock Timing to see how we're doing.  Honestly, it took some time for us to remember how to dance it like that.  We'll need to work on this tomorrow just to make sure we haven't forgotten too much and to continue our progress with the Foxtrot.  Can't complain though.  It was a good practice.

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