Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Perfect" Rhythm

Part: Follow
Dances: Waltz, Quickstep, Tango
Hovers: 2

After participating in the drill that is leg day Wendesday (which I usually miss due to my choir rehearsal, cancelled for this week), we headed in for our mid-week practice. Three of our friends were already there practicing, music and everything, so we skipped our night club 2-step warm up and talked a little more about the quickstep tippsies. Apparently one of our coaches says that the quick-a-quick timing is perfectly kosher, so with samba music blasting in the background (those Latin peeps!), we attempted to try them. The first few times my heel kept hitting Jeff's, I think my feet were too far forward in general in my attempts to keep them under me, and then Jeff kept saying that we were still too slow. It was hard to tell because we had samba music playing and no metronome, but he claims he can just tell. Apparently he has perfect rhythm like some people have perfect pitch. What a lucky partner I am! You may take this assertion both with sarcasm (in reference to said perfect rhythm) and without (with regard to most other things).

Tango was next, and after dancing it through once, we resorted to our good friend the bar. Jeff was getting frustrated by how often our frame was tilting, slightly, yes, but still tilting. His flash of brilliance for the evening involved an exciting plan to create a dance frame leveler, like those levelers you get for hanging pictures or construction work, that would essentially be a clear tube with water in it and enough air to make a bubble that the perfect frame would cause to balance in the middle. Essentially you'd gauge the straightness of the frame by the position of the bubble. When I suggested that you could have the whole tube made of carbon fiber with just a clear opening for the bubble, my partner was totally sold on the concept. Carbon fiber is his, and I quote, "material of choice" because it's light, durable, and has some kind of awesome wow factor that still escapes my comprehension. Nevertheless, another item has been added to the Jeff list of someday-I'll-do-its.

Tango with the bar was pretty much the extent of the rest of our practice, which again was a bit shorter than usual. Jeff's super puppy Toby (featured in his own page here on the blog, but whom I like to call "Tobias") was turning three today and Jeff wanted to be sure the little guy got a steak in honor of the occasion. Since he has essentially become the unofficial mascot of the partnership, I really couldn't complain. Birthdays only come once a year, even for super puppies called Tobias.

For any faithful readers who've been dying to hear Jeff's side of things...he'll be catching up on posts soon. He's had a number of other important things going on and has had to prioritize, but the blog is still on the radar. Hang tight!

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