Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leveling the Tango Playing Field

Dances:  Quickstep, Tango
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Legs at the gym.
Food Bonus:  Pho with Sarah and Shaoshu!

Leg day at the gym!  Honestly it's one of my favorite workout days.  It always seems like the workout gets done quickly and I get a great amount of exercise.  As mentioned before though, the downside is going into practice afterwards.  I just don't feel like moving, let alone dance.  Sarah tried to convince me to actually do my workouts AFTER practice.  I told her no way.  If I move to to after practice, chances are I'll get lazy and just skip it.  Lucky for both of us, we both know where our main lazy pitfalls are and work hard at counteracting them.

Tonight was more Quickstep.  We worked on the same trouble spots.  The Tipsies and the Rumba Crosses.  To be honest I think we've actually regressed in Quickstep.  Time to just buckle down and do it, and that's exactly what we did today and hopefully will continue to do.

After Quickstep we worked on our Tango briefly.  I'm happy to report that the recalibration of this crooked Asian is going well.  Our Tango is much more level (at least according to the bar it is).  Sarah says it's easier to dance now so that's a good thing.  So now that we've re-calibrated the first half or so of our routine, it's time to fix the other half.  Hopefully it won't be as hard.

Upon Sarah's insistence, we wrapped up our practice with a Foxtrot to music.  I still think it's our smoothest dance.  There you have it, a short blog post for a short but effective practice.  It is Wednesday after all.

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