Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quickstep Quandaries

Part: Follow
Dances: Waltz, Tango, Viennese, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Night Club 2-Step, Salsa, Rumba (box)
Hovers: 3

Friday night was a good night dancing wise. I did a cardio workout (which was really tough because of how hot it was), and then I went home for a bit and came back to the gym for practice, which really threw the guy at the front desk for a loop, since when I came back I was all cleaned up, dressed in my dance clothes, and ready to go out social dancing. He said there must be a few versions of me.

For practice, we mostly just did some run throughs, without the metronome. We did some slow quickstep, and once again tried to figure out the timing on the tipsies. A bit of self-doubt ensued as we suddenly weren't sure if it was supposed to be quick-and-quick or quick-a-quick with the syncopation, and had we been doing it wrong this whole time? In the end we determined that we had had it right, we're just not fast enough or right on the music with it.

In general our connection was feeling good, so the lead and follow was smoother, except for where I messed up again at the end of the quickstep. Jeff later let me have a chance to redeem myself, which I did, so that was good. Overall a good practice, I would say.

Then we headed out to Danceworks in Redmond for the Friday night social dance. A couple of our friends who take lessons with our coaches were also there, so we had fun visiting and dancing with them. Our dancing went well; I think Jeff really enjoys the challenge of navigating that floor, tough as it is, and it's always good following practice for me. There was a funny and awkward moment where my long elbow somehow ended up in the middle of another couple's frame, and instead of moving or trying to maneuver out of it, the guy point-blank grabbed my left elbow firmly and shoved it out of his way, as though I had done it on purpose. Of course, when I'm dancing I can't really drop that elbow and the frame it creates really is a form of protection for me in situations like this, but I've never encountered such a response! Jeff didn't see it at the time, but when I told him about it later he said if that ever happened in a comp situation he would be seriously tempted drop frame and punch the it was it was a social dance situation and we just laughed about it. We even danced a salsa, during which I nearly took out Jeff with my swinging medallion chain belt (oops) and where he also figured out half way through that he could do any night club 2-step figures in salsa by just tweaking the timing slightly. That was fun. We also tried a quickstep, but the floor was much too short for it to be very effective. Jeff was quite proud of his question mark shaped alignments, however. I am also becoming less and less surprised by oddities such as reverse waves in waltz and contra checks in salsa...if that is how he rolls, I'll do my best to sell it.

We danced a lot, fairly well, and both enjoyed ourselves. Another good night of dancing for the books.

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