Monday, August 8, 2011

Keeping Up Good Habits

Dances:  Quickstep
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Detailed one car and arms, back, chest, and shoulders at the gym.
Random Weekly Bonus:  Found extra Propel mix in my luggage!

Today's workout and practice was definitely not our best.  I'll be honest, it was totally my fault.  Sometimes you're just not in the right frame of mind to do the things that need to get done.  This weekend had been fairly hectic for all of us with the various projects we're working on as well as Seattle Star Ball coming up on the weekend.  Good news is that both Sarah and I still got to the gym and kept up with our good habit of working out and practice.  Since I was going to Seattle Star Ball to support our friends and photograph them we both needed to make up Friday's workout today.  That meant double duty.

Practice was interesting.  Like I said, I wasn't really in the mood for practice, but nevertheless we still ran through our Quickstep.  I think it's getting smoother.  Sarah and I are still trying to keep the connection in our hips together.  It's pretty tough.  Usually we drift apart after a few steps.  The interesting thing is that our connection up top is very consistent.  But like Kora said, that means one of us is just sticking our butt out.

Metronomic practice was applied today as well.  I think we keep practicing it slow like that, the dance will feel and look better pretty soon.  It's amazing how every part we "cheat" on is painfully obvious with the metronome on.  Falling out of certain figures, rushing certain steps, back leading, balance, etc.  All those things just scream for attention at that slow pace.  It's good though.  I know for a fact our balance as a couple has improved tremendously from when we first started.  Another factor to that is working out our legs with weights.  Especially the ankles and calves.  It makes a HUGE difference.

So altogether not nearly our best or most effective practice, but at least we got one in.  I'll be at Seattle Star Ball starting tomorrow so we're done for this week.  Wish our friends luck this weekend!

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