Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rubber Legs, Fleckerls, & Pie

Dances:  Viennese Waltz
Part:  Lead
Workout:  Legs at the gym.
Bonus Today:  Homemade Blackberry Pie!

Since Sarah had her choir session on Monday, it left Wednesday free this week.  Unfortunately it was a really short practice.  I had over worked my legs during my workout and just didn't have enough juice left for much dance.  On the bright side, we did get a practice in!

Today we pretty much ran through our dances then decided to get back to Fleckerls.  What a pain.  They are hard to dance and lead.  Sarah is having a lot of trouble figuring out when I've decided to go into them.  I don't blame her, I've never lead them before so how should anyone know?  I need to ask Simeon about the lead the next time I see him.  Can't be that hard.  For now I told Sarah to cheat.  Since she usually realized about 3 beats too late I told her to figure out exactly which foot and where the fourth beat has her and to just roll into that should she find out too late.  I can't say the Fleckerls are getting better, but at least we're taking some time to figure out how they work.  Since we won't be dancing the Viennese Waltz at any competition any time soon, we have the luxury of taking our time with this one.

Another exciting piece of news is the response from our coaches about the videos we shot yesterday.  I took my laptop to "Family Dinner" (we call it that because our core group of dancers and friends are our family) Tuesday night for them to see.  I told Kora she wasn't allowed to say anything during the videos, but true to form she couldn't refrain from doing so.  But the greatest thing was that they thought we looked good!  Of course there are things to work on, but overall our dancing was given a clean bill of health.  Kora thinks Waltz is our best dance, while Simeon, the Viennese Waltz.  I think I'll start taping us maybe once a month and start a video archive to track our progress.  Not sure if I'll post them up here, but it'll be good for us in the future for a good laugh.

Saving the best for last, Sarah made blackberry pie!!  So after practice we headed over to her place for some.  It was SUPER tasty.  She really knows her way around an oven.  Can't think of a better way to end practice!

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